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2017-2018 StatBroadcast Upgrades and Changes

Posted on Sep 04, 2017

The following is a list of changes and improvements made to the StatBroadcast system for the 2017-2018 academic year, as of September 1, 2017. Additional changes and improvements will be made throughout the year, so check back often for more info:

-      Added ability to adjust font size manually (from Tools menu)
-      Added team or event logos to the top right corner of PDF printouts
-      Added ability to post a StatGrfx Snapshot directly to Twitter
-      Changes to StatBroadcast for Football:
        -              Added offensive and defensive starters view to screens
-      Changes to StatBroadcast for Volleyball:
        -              First names added to box scores
        -              Added advanced analytic stats to both screen display and print outs:
                        -              Side out percentage
                        -              Point-scoring percentage
        -              Added Kill percentage to screen
        -              Added display of scoring runs of 3-0+ or 6-1+ to screen
-      Changes to StatBroadcast for Lacrosse:
        -              Adjusted printable PDFs so that mens-specific stats display on men’s lacrosse PDF printouts
-      Changes to StatBroadcast for Tennis (StatCrew):
        -              Properly handles matches that do not finish (unfinished, forfeit, retire, walkover, etc.) on both screens and printouts
        -              Added pre-match printout PDF option
        -              Fixed tiebreaker info on set results
-      Admin Improvements
        -              Added ‘Event Scoring Delegate’ team to assign another StatBroadcast school to act as the event’s score keeper
        -              Added events schedule to make it easier to see all scheduled events for your teams
        -              Added home-away designations to every event, to better track events and automate designating team logos in stats
        -              Added ‘Reset Event’ tool which will wipe out all stats/scores on an event after testing or if a wrong XML file is sent
        -              Added a Theme Preview to the Theme Builder page
        -              Made significant improvements to the functionality of the multi-event editor grid and the single event editor
-      Broadcastr improvements
        -              Fixed FTP destinations unchecking between doubleheaders
        -              Extensive security and stability updates
        -              Detects and prompts for confirmation when the game being transmitted changes mid-    -              event
        -              Detects when StatCrew XML license has expired and is preventing live XML from being generated
        -              Fixed issues with XML formatting in HTTP mode
        -              Automatically refreshes event/FTP configuration from the cloud without having to stop transmitting and manually reload event data
        -              Improved error messages and prompts
        -              Detects when multiple copies of the app are running and notifies user; removed ‘minimize to tray’ option to help prevent this