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Update on StatBroadcast and NCAA LiveStats Software (as of 11/9/18)

Posted on Nov 09, 2018

LATEST UPDATE: Nov. 9, 2018

The latest version (1.4.3) of the NCAA LiveStats In-Arena Utility (IAU) provided by Genius now supports stats sending directly to StatBroadcast without requiring the installation or use of Listener. For instructions on how to setup your computer to use this method, please see http://iau.statbroadcast.comĀ 

(Please note that some advanced statistics and metrics available in the new statistics software are not available through use of the IAU).

LATEST UPDATE: Oct 29, 2018

* Requires the use of StatBroadcast Listener for feature functionality; not available through use of the IAU XML utility
+ Available for all scoring systems, including NCAA LiveStats and StatCrew

UPDATE: Oct 10, 2018


StatBroadcast has released its StatBroadcast Listener software, which is designed to work specifically with NCAA LiveStats to facilitate media and live stats through the StatBroadcast platform.

To download the software and access the setup guide, please visit (requires log in).

Please note we anticipate potential critical updates to Listener as Genius finalizes the season release of its NCAA LiveStats software. Please keep an eye out for important updates in the software and install when prompted in the software as they become available.

Listener is compatible with StatBroadcast's Scoreboard Bridge software.

Listener can be used simultaneously with Genius Sports' NCAA LiveStats In-Arena Utility for generating local XML files.

For schools that will require a local XML file :

Genius Sports has released the In-Arena Utility to facilitate with this. It will be available for a limited time for the current academic year as well as 2019-2020. To download and install the utility as well as access setup guides, please visit

Please note, StatBroadcast cannot provide direct support for working with the NCAA LiveStats software beyond its direct interaction with StatBroadcast. The NCAA has requested all support requests for the software, including setup and use of the In-Arena Utility, be forwarded directly to their team from Genius tasked to handle this.


This past May, the NCAA officially announced that it has launched a new stats initiative with a software developer based in London UK, to develop new statistics tracking software for its membership. Use of the software will be voluntary during the basketball regular season for member institutions.