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2020-2021 StatBroadcast Platform Updates and Additions

Posted on Aug 19, 2020

**This page will be updated periodically throughout the fall and winter. Please check back for more information.**
Last Update: Aug. 19, 2020

2020-2021 Additions

Documents and Links

We have added functionality to allow schools to post PDFs of and URLs to documents, such as rosters, game notes, season stats and media guides, directly to stats feeds and stats landing pages, both to reduce the need for hand-passed copies in press areas as well as aid those who will be covering your sports from a distance. Please visit 'Document Manager' under the 'Event/Game Tools' menu on the Admin site to post documents.

Tennis Cross-Compatibility

Tennis live stats have now been combined into one single event type - Tennis - eliminating the separate event types based on scoring software platforms, StatCrew or DakTennis. Schools can setup events under the ‘Tennis’ event type and the system will now automatically detect the scoring software file format and serve up stats.

Updated Site/Landing Sites/Pages

We’ve updated our website, which also includes upgrades to school landing pages and associated site tools:

Mobile Stats Sites

We have updated the mobile stats that displays for our live stats/mobile stats customers via their mobile domain and mobile web app:

Admin Panel overhaul

We have completely overhauled our Admin panel site. Design and functionality changes include:

Mass Email/Distribution List Import

Archive Functionality added for Tennis, Beach Volleyball

We have added Archiving for completed tennis and beach volleyball events. You can now create archives for these events once you have completed and save them in HTML/XML/PDF to our long-term storage

Season Stats added for Baseball and Softball

You can now create season stats for baseball and softball using the StatBroadcast Season Stats manager. All season stats reports available from StatCrew are available, including advanced batting and pitching analytics.

2020-2021 Deprecated and Retired Functionality

Each summer, we review our entire platform and code base to identify functionality that is not widely used and requires updating. To make sure we are devoting our resources to the most important functionality and issues on our system, from time to time we retire or deprecate certain pieces of the platform.
The following functionality/features have been retired from the platform and will not be available in 2020-2021 and beyond:

Twitter Integrations

Due to changes in the Twitter platform and overall lack of use, we have removed the functionality from Stats Feeds to display a Twitter timeline in a pop up dialog box in the stats as well as the ability to craft tweets with the score and/or stats link from the Tools menu.
The ability to post to Twitter from the StatGrfx apps still remains.

ShotChartr App

We have retired ShotChartr, our web-based shot charting app for basketball. Due to lack of use, the need for extensive updates and redesigns and the broader availability of shot charting through scoring apps (such as NCAA LiveStats, DakStats and TurboStats), ShotChartr will no longer be available on our platform.

Widgets: Gamecast, Live Score Banner and Scoreboard Carousel

We have retired the separate, embeddable widgets for a live gamecast and score banner. For schools that are granted permission, their live stats can be embedded directly on pages now, eliminating the need for separate widgets. For the live score banner and scoreboard carousel, our embeddable score widget or scoreboard page are still available and serve as viable alternatives.